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- Under the Broken Sky (Christy Ottaviano/MacMillan 2019) 

- “Excerpt from ‘Occupied State’ 2 (from Body of Empire)” (nonfiction) Tarpaulin Sky (Summer 2019) 




- “Voices from the Very Edge of the Circle: Suburbia, Modernization, and People at the Fringe: People of Wonmi-dong by Yang Gui-Ja". (Book review) Korean Literature Now. Volume 42. Winter 2018. 

-"Excerpt from ‘Occupied State’ (from Body of Empire)". (nonfiction) Westerly 62.3.  (Autumn 2018) 


Irradiated Cities. Les Figues Press 

- "Excerpt from Hayashi Fumiko's Horoki" (translation) in Cha

- "The Year My Mother is Dying" (photography) in Cha

- "Excerpt from Irradiated Cities" in Softblow




- "Haiku by Shizuko Suzuki" published in the Kyoto Journal (Winter 2016)

- "Home at the End of the Journey" (essay) 49th Parallel 

- "Split Tongue" (essay) Kalyani 

- Georgic (Romanian Translation) Editura Ratio et Revelatio




- "Irradiated Cities: Nagasaki" (excerpt) Asia Literary Review Fall 2015

- "Irradiated Cities: Hiroshima" Stoneboat Journal Spring 2015



- "Haiku by Shizuko Suzuki" (translation) published in Sangam House Poetry 

- "An American Way of Housekeeping" published in Short Fiction 8

-"10 Birthing Poems of Akiko Yosano" (translation) published in Aymptote 

- "Woman's Work - American" forthcoming from the Carolina Review

- Dust of Eden: A Verse Novel from  Albert Whitman & Co, March 1, 2014


- "Tokyo: the Unreal City" the Imagista

- "Woman's Work" the Feminist Wire 


- Instructions for the Living from Word Palace Press

- "Excerpt from Imaginary Death 6" New Letters (Volume 78 No. 3 & 4) (Summer 2012)

- "Excerpt from Imaginary Death 4" Memoire(and) (Issue 11)

- "Excerpt from Imaginary Death (Beginning)" Southern Humanities Review (Volume 46, Number 4, Fall 2012)



- "Instruction to the Living" Drunken Boat #13

- "Excerpt from Imaginary Death" Third Coast (winter 2011)

- "The Forgetting Stone" featured in Foreign Policy Magazine website (july 2011)

- translation of Akiko Yosano's 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake poems, Asia Literary Review

- "March 11, 2011: Stones in Spring"  from an anthology, Tsunami (Foreign Policy Press 2011)




- "Grief" (prose poem) in A Dictionary of Unwieldy Words from mertz & solitude in English and German bilingual edition of Lexikon der Sperrigen Worter (2010)

- Georgic: Stories BkMk Press (December 1, 2010)  

- "Fugue" (story) Painted Bride Quarterly

- "Confession" (story) New Letters

- "How We Touch the Ground, How We Touch" (story) published in Painted Bride Quarterly (Issue 81)

- Excerpt from Imaginary Death in Dutch published in PEN-Tijdingen

- Excerpt from Imaginary Death published in Asia Literary Review (Volume 14)


- "Excerpt from Imaginay Death" in Dutch published in PEN-Tijdingen (January 2009)

"Drowning Land" published in The Cortland Review (Issue 44)

- "Excerpt from Songs of the Wandering Years" (translation of Hayashi Fumiko's Horoki) published in Prism International


- translations of contemporary Japanese fiction, and an interview published in The Chattahoochee Review

- "Histories of Bodies " (poetry) chosen to be included in The Pushcart Book of Poetry: The Best Poems from the First 30 Years (W.W. Norton, 2007)

- Histories of Bodies (a collection of poems) published by Red Hen Press (2007)

- “Three Poems” (translation of Takamura Kotaro'’s poems). (2006)

- “"Autobiography"” (short story) published in The Chattahoochee Review (Fall 2006)

- “"This Winter, When Ocean is Quiet”" (poetry) published in Third Coast (2003)

- "An Atlas of Grace" (short story) published in Thirteenth Moon (2002)

- "Grafting" (short story) awarded the Pushcart Prize and published in Pushcart Prize XXVI (2002)

- "Grafting" (short story) published in New Letters (2000)


Before 2000
“"Eclogue to an Artist”" (poetry) Prairie Schooner (1999)
"“Histories of Bodies"” (poetry) Pushcart Prize XXIII (1998)
“"Georgic”"(poetry) The Gettysburg Review (1998)
“"Histories of Bodies"” (poetry) New Letters (1997)
“"My Grandmother’'s Love Story”" (poetry) Crab Orchard Review (1997)
“"Cranes” "(poetry) New Letters (1997)
“"Roses"” (poetry) The Southern Review (1996)
“"Green, How Much I Love You Green"” Asian American Pacific Journal (1995)
“"Fable”" Asian American Pacific Journal (1995)
"“Love Letter in a Poem So My Mother Will Not Be Lonely”" Two Girls Review (1995)

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